Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Convention.. Thursday 30th ... Arival and Dinner

Ok… so I have been meaning to write to tell all on convention.. You know the saying ‘What happens in …. (insert a place name) let’s say convention .. Stays on convention’.. Well wouldn’t that just be novel??? It seems the stories of my misshapes have traveled far and wide!!! No one can ever accuse me of NOT HAVING FUN!!! Just of having too much fun.. and needing to calm me down.. tame me.. or pull me in… hehe.. but hay someone has to be the story teller or maker as in my case!!! I seem to adjust to that role well.. and it seems that one would often play up to it.. heheh… ;) I just seem to attract attention and embarrassing things… but boy oh boy do I have some great stories to tell!!!

So here goes..

I arrived in Canberra Airport Thursday the 30th April… I had flown Qantas …(first class… Had frequent fliers just sitting there accumulating for the past 3 years… time to use them… it cost me $28 return.. to fly 1st Class!! I can see you are turning GREEN… heheh Success!!!)
So anyway.. I knew a few of the other Paper Angels were on a flight that arrived about 30 to 40 mins after mine.. I walk the length of the airport… Canberra.. our ‘CAPITAL CITY’ of AUSTRALIA… I’m thinking that because of all the construction that is going on that maybe there is another part of the air port that is in another section. “Am I missing something?” I go over to the Booking Guy at Virgin.. and innocently ask, “Excuse me.. is this all there is to the airport?”… (opps did I just say that out loud?) He looks at me and rather apologetically says, “Yes I know it is rather small isn’t it?.. and Yes this is all there is…” So with that fact now confirmed I find a comfy seat that is just outside the baggage collection for Virgin and stick my head in my Stephanie Meyer book.. “The Host”… So I am happily reading for a little while.. then through the silence I hear…. “Oh look it’s Ursula (pronounced err-sue-la with a slight lisp sound on the sue) …and she is quiet”… Kate comes down the escalator after their Virgin Blue flight arrived at full volume!!! Hehe.. I breathed a sigh of relief as I now had a physical confirmation that I was indeed in the right place… I was no longer a stranger in a strange place… I had some friends.. as strange as they may be… heeheh… Believe me they are in good company!!! I hear the story how Kate was saying on the plane that she was the quiet one in our group.. hehe… Whateva!! We all can be just as loud!! Especially if we sit together!
So we all PILE into a cab.. We’ve all packed for a month I am sure looking at the amount of luggage we had… We arrive at our hotel… Which was right next to the conventions Centre.. how good was that?? After settling into our rooms.. And Bec giving me my “thanks for being my roomie pressie…” The wonderful Card Barn.. so cute.. We went to the shops to have some lunch.. When we came back and chilled out by watching a chick flick on the ‘in house’ movie thingy.. very ritsie!! Living the high life…
We had decided B4 we left Brissy that those of us PaperANGELS that arrived on Thursday would try and catch up for Dinner the night before convention… So with a few Text messages and phone calls we were all organised to meet at our hotel.. We went to a few places.. Loran and Julie were not too keen on the kangaroo cuisine of the first place we stoped at.. So we ventured a little further around the corner to “Hogs Breath Café”… We had a lovely time catching up… And giving out our little special convention pressies… (my badges and Sashes..) Liz had made some really lovely wing bag tags with our initials on them.. So that when we got our bags from convention sign up we would have something original to identify our bags from the 430 other Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators… Dinner arrived.. and it was scrum diddly umptious!!!... The Waitress came over to collect out plates after we had finished… And As I was having fun.. feelin' confident and relaxed… I had a little girly whinge to the waitress… this is how the dialog went….
Waitress: So how was your meals?
Ursula: Absolutely divine…. You know I am a little upset that I didn’t get a Hogs Breathe café plate though! Everyone else got one and I didn’t.. I feel like I missed out on something.
Waitress: Oh I am sorry.. How can I make it up to you?
My eyes go wide like saucers thinking of all the possibilities… dreaming.. of all that is now opened to me!!
Jen Wells: Could you bring us some fresh coasters so we could scrapbook them?
Ursula: Yeah that would be ok… Oh hang on.. I saw some of the other ladies leaving with a little plush pig… (very coy and girly) Could I have one of them??? Please
Waitress: You know what I could do that for you…
My eyes are now as big a saucers!!! My legs are swinging like a little school girl that has just been asked out on a date from the high school hottie!!! My heart is racing.. I am excited!!!
Waitress: Now we have 3 sizes in the plush pig.. We have a small one, a medium one, and a large one.. Which one would you like?
Options I have options… WHAAAAHHH WHO!!! Um Darr.. Dumb questions!!!
Ursula: Oh the big one of course…. (like I’m some kind of dill.. get the best while it is being offered!!!)
Waitress: Ok I will see what I can do to organise that for you…
So the waitress comes back in followed by the life size mascot.. (some guy or girl.. who knows.. dressed in the Hogs Breath Mascot suit!) Of course I feel a tad jipped… but laugh.. very clever… She comes over to me and says…
Waitress: Here you go.. I found the BIGGEST one we have.. and he has something special for you… (pulls a chair out) sit here for a moment… (I obediently sit) He had a special dance for you…
Then what begins to unfold before my eyes… well it is slightly… confrontational…
The Pig begins to dance… shaking his tail in front of me… then he proceeds to shimmy up and down my side… And low and behold.. he lifts his leg and places his foot onto my chair and gyrates towards me… EWWWWUUUEEEWWWEEEE!!! Ok now I am TOTALLY RED!!! I was turning my back.. trying to get away… covering my face… get that thing away from me!!! Whilst all my fellow PaperANGELS are cacking themselves… Kate is laughing so hard that she is not making any sound.. Liz is laughing so much that she is having an asthma attack.. Julie was getting the best angels for photos.. this was all I could see other than that it was ….flash flash flash… I swear there are a million flashes going off!!! I had the biggest stomach ache…. From laughing… tears falling from my eyes!!!
Waitress: So now it’s your turn…
She pulled me up and the pig sat down.. put his arms out to the side and did the all 4 fingers jester to say “Bring it on”… I turned to run.. Nope that is not what I do.. sorry.. he was sorely disappointed.. but I did manage to pull his tusks and kiss his snout!!! What a story to tell… We go home to our hotels… Exhausted but with a great story to tell…

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