Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Arty Farty Morning Tea Party... What a success!!!

Firstly I would like to say WOW!!! A whole months worth of planning over in a few hours!!!
But how infinitely Worth it????Tea Cup Bickies(Photo of some bickies I heard about.. I just had to make tehm.. they sounded so cute!! The were a hit.. Ethan and Izra helped me put them together..)

Thank you to all who donated Prizes to the Raffle... Thank you to all the wonderful people who helped!! With out you all this would have not been such a success!!!Arty Farty Morning tea Party Raffles PrizesArty Farty Morning tea Party Raffle Table Set UpWe had 34 people attend... we raised just over $700!!! At first count it was $617.. but with the amounts donated from the sales of the displaying artists.. And Liz's bargain table... Sale Tableand a few people wandering in after the event.. seeing how much food was left asked if they could donate some money for a hot drink and some food!!! Dar.. of course!!! And Thank you!!!! Again & Again...Morning Tea(Take a look at the sandwiches under the table!!! So much thanks to Lyn & Amanda Hadley for putting the 10 loves of bread together!!!)Some Guests at teh Arty Farty Morning tea Party I managed to take a few photos.. but not too many.. Some Friends at the Arty Farty Morning tea Party Melissa Gill in the brown was one of my wonderful Entertainers .. She performed a wonderful (very appropriate) Song... Called "Taylor the Latte Boy"... It was a cute song.. And she sounded like a luv struck Angel!!! (Sorry I didn't get a photo of Liss singing.. Cause I was turning pages...)

In fact all these Ladies are in the QPAC Choir with me... (Left to Right) Ann, Melissa Kayleen & Girls... They all sing lovely!!! Thanks for coming ladies!!!
Imogeen Dean Singing at Arty Farty Tea PartyImogeen Dean Sang one of her origionals... I think she called it the Pizza song.. It was a cute song.. She sang like an angel and played amazingly!!! As she always does!!

I am sure some of the PaperANGEL volunteers took some great photos... and they will forward them to me... (*hint) hehe... Please!!! More friends at the The Arty Farty Morning Tea Party
My goal was $500... and thanks to you all we raised above and beyond!! Stay tuned for next year.. Friends Supporing The Arty Farty Morning Tea Party  I believe I may make this my thing!!! If you would like to be on a committy or to donate.. I will accept all help!!!

Thanks agian.. enjoy the photos... Love Ursula

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