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The Arty Farty Tea Party 20th June 2009

Please come along and help raise money for the Cancer Council Australian in conjunction with Australia's Biggest Morning Tea....

I have been touched by loved ones dealing with cancer in my life several times.. And this is my way to give back to those who have lost the battle, those who are still fighting, and those who have been blessed to WIN the battle!!!

My love and heart goes out to you all!!! May that love warm your heart and bring you joy and happiness as my association with you all has bought to me!!!

Love Ursula xxx

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FLYER For "The Arty Farty Tea Party" Double Click on picture to view larger

I would like to say a special thanks Marelle Taylor for her BEAUTIFUL art work that was a PERFECT match to my 2 little girls at the Tea Party Photo... to see her inspirational Card click HERE or Click on her name to be taken to her site.

Arty Farty Mornin Tea Party Flyer 2009
My Story....

From the very tender age of 14 I learned about the disease Cancer. I learned how hard the fight against Cancer can be. My mother was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour. My Mother was an extraordinary ARTIST… All that she placed her hands upon became a 'work of art'…. After learning that a possible side affect of having an operation to remove the Tumour could be paralysis, she decided that was too high a risk. Loosing her mobility in her hands would be too much of a loss for her. She would no longer be able to do the things she thrived on, or to earn a living to support us. Her Tumuor was benign.. She managed it with extensive Natural Health alternatives, and managed it well!! Until she forgot to have a 6 month check up because she was working too hard to make ends meet. We ended up taking her to the hospital to get a CT scan. She was becoming more and more frail right before my eyes. When the scans were developed we were instructed to go straight to the RBH. I was 17 and recently acquired my driver’s licence. I had to drive from Redcliffe Hospital to the RBH in lunch time traffic… With Busses and Trucks on either side of me, Tears in my eyes and no knowledge of exactly how to get the RBH I was scared frightened and alone… My precious Mother whom I loved so much was in pain… She could no longer comprehend or respond to my questions for directions. I had to Stop and ask strangers on the side of the road for directions through my tears… My Mother was rushed into surgery. They operated that day. When they received the analysis of the tumour they said it was a very aggressive one. That they could not get it all… That once the tumour grew it would grow fast.. They told us she could have 3 days, 3 Weeks, 3 Months or 3 years… They did not know… Mum lived for 18 months after the opp. She underwent radium therapy and 2 months before I turned 19 she passed on..

My Husbands Maternal Grandmother (Nan) died of Stomach Cancer in 2000… Very soon after nursing her only Son (Uncle Barry) who died of Lung Cancer. We were blessed to live close to her and help look after her in her last few months.

My Father died in 2006 from kidney cancer that had metastasized and spread into his lungs. Sadly it was a very short fight…

My husband was diagnosed in 2005 with Severe Aplastic Anemia a pre-cancerous autoimmune disease that has no "cure" and we have been told by several Doctors and Specialists that it is worse than Leukemia.. if you can call any disease "worse" than others! He is still fighting the battle 3 years on. You can read more about his battle on my blog … Click HERE

During my husband’s fight his Paternal Grandmother (Granny) passed on in 2007. She had fought against bowel Cancer years earlier…

This year My father’s latest wife phoned us recently to talk to the kids and she told me that she has been diagnosed with Cervical Cancer…

I have several friends who have had breast cancer, Cervical Cancer, Bone Cancer, Skin Cancer and may other types of Cancers…

Has my life been changed by others battle?
This is why I would like to support the Australian Cancer Council in raising funds for research and developments in Cancer treatments and discoveries. I want to help with the education and support of Cancer Patients. This is my small part… that I am able to give back to all of the beautiful and dear ones who have been ‘touched’ by Cancer.

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  1. Ursula, your story is so touching. Thank you for sharing it with us. Cancer is so unfair, but as you have shown... so very there. You are truly an amazing woman, well done for going full steam ahead and supporting the Biggest Morning Tea event for the Cancer Council.
    I'll be there to help back you up all the way xoxo


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