Foil Art Frame

I was so impressed with Master 10's finished work of art that it was one of those pieces you just have to frame and put on the wall... Master 10  had to used chalk pastels on black card to draw his own interpretation of a Picasso portrait of himself..
Because the Art was so AMAZING... I wanted the frame to be special.. it had to match his FANTASTIC Picasso self portrait....

After a few days of contemplation I came up with the idea of pressed foiling.... This is where you take a piece of foil (either aluminum food wrap on card stock for thickness or a foil BBQ tray) and you put them through the Big Shot with an embossing folder.... (It reminds me a little of the Old Queenslander homes that used to have the Pressed tin walls and roof... So beautiful..... )

I liked that idea but I wanted a little colour in it...  So I invented a way to have our Stampin' Up! water colour inks and an isocol alcohol mix stay on the panels... You will see the process and results below in this pictured tutorial...  Enjoy.. xxoo

1. Take your card stock and a length of aluminum foil

2. Wrap the foil around the card stock

3. Tape it on back

 4. Place foil covered card stock in your desired embossing folder and run through your Big Shot.


5. Cover the embossed foil/card with PVA glue

  6. Allow glue to totally dry

7. Mix some Isocol rubbing alcohol with some re-inkers in a spritz bottle...

8. Change colours

 9. Add more

10. Allow to dry

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Finally here is the finished product.. It's not a very good photo.. but the real thing looks quite good...

Have fun foiling it up!!! 

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