Thursday, 4 June 2009

The PIG Theme Continues....

Yes since the Lap Dance from the hogs Breath Pig mascot.. well the theme has just stuck!!!
So I thought since it has been made such an important theme from everyone else I should display all I have collected in the last few weeks from others hanging on to the past!!! Hehe.. It’s all appreciated.. but soon the PIG thang has to STOP!!!
Oh yeah and there was some little joke about being careful of what I caught from the pig… seeing that the ‘Swine flu’ was just beginning to hit World News…
Ok so … Friday avo after lunch some of the Girls went to the Canberra shops to get some things they needed for Sat night.. When they came back Liz, Loran and Robin handed me a Marshmallow pig on a Popsicle stick.. unfortunately the stick was inserted into the Mellow Pigs bottom.. Looked rather painful to me.. It was as tough as nails.. but I ate it in appreciation..
(Now someone took photos of me eating that.. If you read this and you remember who can you get them to email me a copy of it so I can have a complete photographic history of how the PIG thing began…. Thanks…)

Then Kate came back after sourcing something for her little man… She promised one of her kids that she would bring him a souvenir… She gave me a fluro pink weird feeling rubber devil
pig bag tag… hehe… oh you are all comedians!!! Thanks Kate…Pig Bag Tag
And on Friday night.. when I was having a shower with all the hundreds of lunch containers from lunch… (ok sounds weird I know but there is a perfectly good explanation.. We had one of those hand held shower head things.. so I took it down to wash the containers out.. they had food scraps in them.. and I figured that leaving them for a few days in that state was not nice… and also I had visions of being hulled over coals for bringing food scraps into another state… and being quarantined or fined big bucks.. so hence the washing of hundreds of containers in the shower… Not at all weird… You would do the same I am sure!!!)
Anyway.. there was this knock on the door… Bec and I were drying the containers…
When I opened the door there was no one there… I immediately thought… oh that is Kate.. She’s come back for some reason and is playing games with me.. to mess with my head… then I did a quick look around and realised that there was only one place to hide so quickly… just up from our door was a little recess in the wall where one person could duck in behind and hide… so over I walked.. and this little blond head peeked out… It was Liz… She was getting up to no good!!! Hehehehehe… I would never have guessed.. Then Robyn and Loran appeared from the other direction… Liz pointed to floor just beside our door… (*Belly giggles.. Tee Heee Hee HEE) there was this cute little pink plush pig assuming the police search & pat down position… up against the wall… They said they saw it and just had to buy it for me to help me remember the day I danced with a pig….Soft Toy Pig
Lovely.. Thank you girls.... Yes while the Mothers are away from their Children, Husbands and responsibilities they do get up to mischief!!! No worries of bad examples to set now.. just lots of good old fashioned fun…

Then when I get home I go to Liz’s for our occasional Friday get together and play or finish project day… She had bought me a pressie to say thanks for the things I did at convention for making everyone feel more like a team.. then she started to apologise… I knew immediately it was a PIG…. But when I unwrapped it…. it was BRILLIANT!!! How perfect… It’s a PIG piggy bank with silver angel wings and a silver halo!!!
Money Box
How do you come across something so perfect??? I would have struggled to not get it for me too!! Heheh.. Thanks Liz… I'm going to find some rub-ons to add to this wonderful collectors item!!!

So going on my marry way nearly one whole month later.. I think the Pig thing is all over now.. But alas it is not… Leonie came to Liz’s last Tuesday for the morning tea for Fiona Dunlop (a PaperANGEL that moved interstate.. We miss you Fee!) She bought me something to say thanks for the PaperANGLES (wrong spelling) key rings… She gave me a lovely photo of the 2 of us framed with DSP and the ‘forever your friend’ rub-on… (oh I’m Crying… big blooming sook) Photo Frame
And then there was some pink slippers.. Pink Slippers
and a GORGEOUS book called ‘Pretty in Pink. Why it’s good to be a Girl!’… by Bob Elsdale... ("No pigs were harmed in the making of this book.")Pretty in Pink BookAnd guess what.. the pictures are all of pigs… Some of these are my Favourite pages!!!
Inside the Pretty in Pink Book
but the words are just great!!! I love it!!!
It's good to be a girl.
So give life a twirl!
The world is our oyster,
And everything is coming up roses.
We girls have so many fabulous facets. (This pig has a huge Diamond ring in it's nose!! hehehe)
So follow your Dreams,
The Sky's the Limit. (this pig is flying across the sky with a puff of wind behind.. heheh)
And girls can do anything boys can...
Just with considerably more style.
Every day is a special day.
But when life gets you down,
And you just can't find what you are looking for,
It's important to find time...
For life's little essentials...
Like retail therapy,
And the pursuit of the perfect pair...
To compliment the perfect outfit.
Partying is best of all.
But sometimes...
It's nice to have a night in.
Maybe for a little romance...
Or just catch up on your beauty sleep.
Daily maintenance can be fun. (This pig has the cutest grin.. with a tooth brush in it's mouth!)
But pampering yourself...
Is one of life's joys. (This pig is in a sud filled bath... and squealing like it is having fun!!!)
A little overindulgence is fun too.(head in the cookie jar)
You can always walk it off the next day.
And if things get out of balance... (sadly staring at the scale)
There is always self-delusion. (only front feet ate on the scale)
And when you've had too much of a good thing... (Shopping everywhere!! Is there ever too much of a good thing???)
It's nice to have a break.
To catch up with the girls. (3 little pigs laughing their heads off!!)
And current affairs! (one pig is gossiping in the other pigs ear and the look on the face is OH!!!)
The world is truly our oyster, and remember...
Sometimes our best assets are behind up.
The End...

Bob Elsdale 2007
Close Quote...

Thanks Leonie…

What wonderful friends I have in our PaperANGELS group!!! Love You all!!! Even though you are making me collect PIG things!!! Heheeh
Muwah!!! XXXxxxOOOoooXXX


  1. I'm not sure if I am the only person... but there is no photo with this posting to see at all xo

  2. Blogger is doing weird things... I keep having trouble with my text.. It's all over the place... I need to understand computer speak better!!! Then I can go in an fix some of the problems.. like the font size and the funny colour in some of my jpg's.. The photos from this entry show up on mine.. I 'm really not sure what is going on!!! It's a mystery to me... good way to get comments though.. heheh Thanks love.. I'll have to get someone that knows computer speak to look into it for me... it's just gone on too long!!!


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