Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Techniques Class #1... Second time round

Techniques Class #1 in the ShedWhat a lovely time we all had.. It seemed to go well.. and we learned lots..
I often forget to take photos of my class.. but for once I remembered.. It was because of Robyn I remembered to take photos....

Techniques Class number on in the ShedI had a problem though... har har har I hear you laughing .. just one problem??? It was a very BIG one... I kept messing up Robyn and Tracey's names!!! So Robyn wrote her name on the corner of her blotting paper and stuck it to her glasses.. then when she decided she needed 2 eyes to see she stuck it to her forehead... It really did help!!! Oh my goodness.. sometimes ... no scratch the sometimes... I am just soooo bad with names!!!...
But Thanks to Robyn's antics I remembered to take a photo.. yeah!!! Robyn at the Techniques Class Number one

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