Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Fresh Inspiration PaperANGELS Event Preparation

Well this is me spreading the love..(*muwah.. air kisses) I wanted to let everyone know how wonderful it is to prepare the (millions) of kits for our big PaperANGELS Events!!! (there is a slight hint of sarcasm in that statement in case you didn't read it right... hehe.... No really I truly do like doing it... It's yet again another reason to get together with the girls)

I am not sure if people actually realise just how much work is involved in preparing for big our events??? So here's the low down... If anyone has suggestions on how they would try to make it faster I would love these suggestions!!! Although after 3 years of running events now we seem to have it a large majority of the kinks ironed out!!!

Well first of all on the Tuesday B4 we wrapped the (millions... well 15 I think it was) raffle prizes.. I taught Kate and Felicity how to do this like the florists do... And how to make the bows... Liz had spoiled us this time as she had made all the bows the night before whilst spending time with her family in front of the TV.. Us women are so talented.. Multi tasking...... She is really good at bows now!!! Must have had a GREAT teacher.. hehe.. (that was me.. just in case you didn't realise... ;)

Liz had also spoiled us in separating the prizes into great bunches... That takes time too!!! It's all a little stressful sometimes... Especially when you have to do it all at the same time.. it's a bit like eating an Elephant in one seating... really hard to swallow!!! But if you do it a bite at a time.. it makes for a more pleasant experience...

How great did they look sitting on top of her shelving!!! I think that would be a great Decor thing to do in our homes... It would make you feel like a winner... Well it would make me feel like a winner!!!!
... but I think it would also be a great dust collector!!! You would then be a sneezing winner... Dough there is always a down side!!
Fresh Inspiration PaperANGELS Event Preparation - RafflesYou customers are all so luck to be able to enter these wonderful raffles!!! There's like over $800 worth of Stampin' UP! stuff alone!!!! Along with some Riot Art stuff and a BEAUTIFUL set of coffee tables!!! So guesstimating here I would say that is worth over $1200!!! WOW!!! So spoiled!!

We also cut the card stock into each card design... We made 70 kits for Carina.. Bec has more to make for Pine Rivers as well... so all up maybe this event had around 130 kits!!!

Then on Friday when I was finished my stuff I needed to do at home I called Liz... She was having another prep day... When I realised that she was short handed... I really didn't want her to do the rest of the stuff alone and till all hours of the night!!! So off I trod!!! I enjoy the drive to Liz's.. I go the back way.. It's a nice peaceful drive...

Ok so when I go to Liz's I usually bring something to add to morning tea/lunch... but I forgot to grab something on my way out the door this time... BUT I was BLESSED (*la.. the angels are singing!) Liz had FRESHLY baked some delicious choc chip muffins.. They had just been taken out of the oven when I arrived... they were hot... the chocolate was melted still!!! And we (Marjorie, Liz and I) had 2 each (Cause there was only the 3 of us) with a bit of cream on the side.. Oh who says hard work is not rewarded??? Are you all jealous!!! You should be.. It was DELICIOUS!!! Yum Yum Yum... My mouth is salivating with the remembrance of the flavor!!! heheheFresh Inspiration PaperANGELS Event Preparation - Yummy Snacks Project bits for Fresh Inspiration PaperANGELS Event Preparation

So this is how the table looks when you are preparing for a big event... It's a great thing that Liz has HUGE tables and these neat trays to put all the bits into!!!

And then there is the GREAT (not) job of sorting and dividing the embellishments.. This seems to be something that I am good at!!! So hence the job tends to fall in my lap... So if you get something that is not packed right... missing something or the like.. fell free to blame me.. someones got to be the scape goat!!! (*thinking to my self.... "you can DO IT YOURSELF Next time.. If there is a next time..." *blows a raspberry) opps did I just say that out loud??? My bad!!!
Little Bits for Fresh Inspiration PaperANGELS Event Preparation

Then we put all the bits into the bags with the instructions... And don't it look grand!!! How professional are we??? I ask you... I am impressed!!! Lucky Liz is such a great organiser!!!

On the day we make it all pretty for the set up... Look at the Raffles!!! Lovely..... (to see more photos of the day go to Leonie's Blog.. she took heaps of photos... I'm sure she will have heaps up soon...)Raffle Table for Fresh Inspiration PaperANGELS Event PreparationWe raised over $600 for the Marter Mothers Program... That will go to making 3 more boxes for the memory name tags and foot print cards for the Marter ANGEL Babies!!! A BIG 'Thank You' to all who attended.. I'm sure It was a great day had by all...AND well worth all the EFFORT!!!!!!

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