Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Arty Farty Morning Tea Party Raffles!!!

Raising funds for the Cancer Council Australia.. Though the Biggest Morning Tea events.

Take a look at these.. you best be coming to take advantage of these AWESOME prizes!!!The begining of the Arty Farty RafflesThere is over $800 worth of Stampin' UP! product alone...

Then you have all the wonderful Local community stuff that has been donated!!!
Thank You - Thank you- Thank You - To all who have so generously added to our prize pool... God BLESS you and your businesses!!! May your generosity come back to you 100 fold in your business and personal life... Arh... giving just warms the cockles of my heart.. tugs on the heart strings and makes me happy!!! (*air kisses to you all.. that sounds fake but I really man it!!!)

There are vouches for Cafes, Dining out places, fast food places, Hair Dressing
We'll also have Floral arangements, Meat trays, Bottle of wine, Crystal Frog orniment,

(I took this photo 2 weeks ago on the first day of canvasing.. it has grown substantially now... )
I am still collecting... there is so much more but it all takes time to gather in the spoils!!!

Adding to the Morning Tea num nums... is IGA Rochedale, Brumbies Rochedale, Nereda Tea is donating Tea Bags.. and some wonderful Mums and teachers at the Rochedale South State School have offered to BAKE something or several somethings for the banquit of yummies.
THANK YOU to all of you wonderful people too!!! Every little bit helps!!!

Pre-pay for your tickets.. And you will go into the draw for a Simply Sent Kit valued at $84.50!!
There is only 5 people in it to date.. so your odds are REALLY good!!!There is only 2 Saturdays to go... arrrghhh!!! I need to clone me!!! All will be well.. If I could stop blogging!!!! Thankfully this is the last one for the day.. (*Phew.. wipes brow)

I am so grateful for all the support and hope that a Wonderful time will be had by all as we are entertained by professional vocalists, viewing and purchasing splendid works of art, Picking up bargains on heavily discounted scrapbooking supplies, eating numm numms... drinking our hot drinks and socalising with our family, friends, neighbours and community people...

Hope to see you all there!!!
Yeah... 10 more sleeps... (not sure that thought will help me sleep though!)
Love Ursula

A Plug for the business who have donated so far...

Local Shops/Businesses @ Rochedale Shopping Village

Butchers Kitchen – Mark & Kaysie – Ph 3841 5570

Rochedale IGA (Morning tea supplies)

Rochedale Brumbies Bakery – Sam – Loaves of bread

Rochedale News – Graham

Liquor Land – Donna & Steve –

May Florist – Wendy – Ph 3219 8888

Village Jewellers – Rhys & Sharon- Ph 3219 0699

Hair Alive – Leah – Ph 3341 9392

Rochedale Deli -
evive - Chris- Ph 3423 3343

Other donations...
Springwood Domino's -
Nerada Tea-


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