Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Cup Cakes - NO sugar - No Calories - But Still BEAUTIFUL

These have got to be the most diet friendly Cup Cakes ever!!! They are so cute... And they never go off!!! They were made from a template... I was over Liz's and she had them all traced and ready to cut out... She really wanted to have them ready for the June PaperANGELS meeting... Only her shower had sprung a leak and her carpet was wet.. plus she had tradies coming in and out to fix the roof storm damage from months ago... so this project kind of was put on the back burner... but I loved them so much that I just had to stay and make sure they got done.. she had done so much on them I couldn't let them go to waste!!! So we finished them.. And how good do they look???Cup Cakes - NO sugar - No Calories - But Still BEAUTIFULWhen I got home I really wanted to be able to make them too... But I could not get the template.... So I traced them... And thankfully I have a WONDERFUL husband that can do some pretty special stuff on the computer and he has made a template (with a few alterations as it wasn't exactly right according to his engineering skills) I can print out so the next time I want to make these it will be so much easier... If you would like the template just contact me and I will send it to you... (for a price.. heheh.. just jokes)

Here's a close up of one of these gorgeous treats!! If you darken the edges of the Cupcake Swirls you can make the cardboard look like real icing... With a 2way glue pen and some Dazzling Diamonds you can make them look like real frosting swirls!! So cute... Our PaperANGELS meeting challenge this month was Paper Embellishments... and I believe we did an awesome job!! The quality of work and talent is just amazing!! Well done ANGELS!!!... talk about thinking outside the box!!!
Close Up of Paper Cup Cake

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  1. Hi Ursula
    Love these, they look good enough to eat! They are soo cute. I have managed to buy the cupcake template but haven't had a chance to have a play yet?
    Wondering if you can send me the link for the cake box that Leonie had used, or is it your own pattern? I have had no luck in being able to find it anywhere.
    Thanks Julie


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