Friday, 1 January 2010

Things from Liz

Cute Choc BoxLiz made us these lovely little boxes with some chocolate bars wrapped in DSP for a Christmas gift.. It was lovely...

Then this one was a gift for the coordinators of the PaperANGELS Christmas Card workshops... It's a great idea for a gift to say thanks or a hosted booking award or intensive...
Bucket of Thanks GIft
And these were the last meeting for 2009 PaperANGELS training projects... I love the fact that in PaperANGELS we are so hands on!!! We receive so much inspiration at our meetings.. It's what drives us all to be better and gives us the ways and mean to know how to... Creative people are visual.. you can talk to them and give them instructions till the cows come home.. some will be ok with that and succeed.. but those of us who struggle to read instructions.. (ME).. It just makes it all more solid if you have had first hand experience.. especially if you have the chance to make mistakes that your customers may make... You look way more polished and professional!!! Trick of the trade... Practice b4 you do!!!Cards and Bon Bon Cracker

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