Friday, 1 January 2010

Singapore Queensland Festival Chorus Tour 2009

This year I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Singapore with some members from the QPAC choir and from AVAE and VM..
We had a brillinat time!!! We stayed for four short days and crammed so much into it! It was an AWESOME once in a life time experience.. that I am hoping I may be able to have again in June 2010... Depending on Audition success and finances of course.. because believe me the desire is sooo there!!!

It was a massive learning curve, for those of us who have not performed for a long time and even greater experience for those who have never performed. We had enormous growth in the areas of musicality and professionalism. Allison’s (Alison Rodgers - Conductor) courage and belief in us was undeniably generous and faith promoting! The piece that we performed was Gustav Holst – The Planets - Neptune. It was the hardest 5 pages of music I have EVER seen!!! And it scared the life out of me when we first got it. But with loads of practice especially in the car every day I was able to get it into my head. We Performed in the Esplanade Concert Hall.. $600 Million dollars worth of Sound engineered building genius, where the roof can be adjusted to suit the desired acoustics for each and every performance. The Esplanade is one of the World’s top 3 acoustically designed buildings and professional artists would do anything to perform there! There were over 300 orchestra members made up from The Western Australia Youth Orchestra and Singapore’s Orchestra of the Music Makers. The whole performance received a reasonably good review which if you like you can read here..

Here are some photos to look at.. some of the highlights...

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