Friday, 1 January 2010

Some Recent Cards made

I made these cards before I left for the Queensland Festival Chorus tour to Singapore... To say thanks for all the hard work of those who made the whole WONDERFUL experience possible... The idea was that many people would have space sign.. I got some of the inspiration and ideas from 2009 Convention.. with the thump and bump Male card technique A Booklet Card made for Male Thank youand the 12x12 card style...12x12 Folded Square Thank you Card
12x12 Folded Square Thank you Card insideThe greatest thing about these cards is that you can take the ideas from your smaller cards you have made in the past and make them bigger.... then add more pages bound with ribbon or brads down the spine... most of these had room enough for 40 people write a personal message and sign them, as the were 6 x A5 double sided.... It looks really nice if you put some stamping on the inside pages too..Inside the Pages of Booklet Card
(This is actually the inside of another card I made for my dear friend Jenny Coggins who passed away tragically 6-12-09, leaving her 2 beautiful daughters... I was not able to go to the funeral.. because of our Singapore tour... but I was able to write letters to her Daughters, Mother, X Husband and make a card for all the women at church to sign if they wanted to... My little way of supporting and grieving with everyone else... RIP my Dear Dear friend.. Until we meet again!!! I know you will be working hard to help us all achieve our potential!!!)

Stampin on the inside also helps so that when you pull it apart, to have more than one person sign at a time... that they can all write on it the right way up and when it is time for you to reassemble it, it looks organised and uniformed ...Beautiful Shabby Chic Booklet CardStamping a matching envelope adds that extra special touch as well...

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