Saturday, 6 March 2010

Fascinating Hair Accessories

It all started a few years ago when a friend of mine suggested that I should make some hair accessories for her sisters Hair Dressing Salon... Then in 2009 a friend wanted a VERY elaborate fascinator for a costume party... See this Link for past blog entry .......I found a new hobby.... (like I need another one!) I am loving making hair accessories... I love that there really is not limit on how much, how big or how to attach!!! I am trying my hand at the markets this weekend and next month I am taking a class of ladies who want to make some fascinators for a cocktail party they are going to.. it should be fun... Peacock Feather FascinatorI Love Peacock feathers. This little number is stunning... It is on an Alice Band... Silver and Black FascinatorSilver and Black is always nice and Elegant!!
On a Spring loaded hair clip.Cream and Black FascinatorNow with satin, feathers and a rose you can't go wrong... Very sophisticated!!! Kind of reminds me or Audrey Hepburn.. not sure if she wore such things... but I like this look.. (Slide Comb)
Red Rose FascinatorNow for a Spanish feel.. OHLay... on a parrot clip...
Pocahontas FascinatorPocahontas... I LOVE these colours! (Slide Comb)
Orange And Black A little 1920's.. just to add a bit of colour (Slid Comb)
Orange Roses FascinatorThis orange fantasy one is LOVELY!!! It is on a large spring-loaded Butterfly clip...
Burlesque FascinatorThis one is a little more Elaborate... I love it.. It makes a wonderful statement.. It is very light and you can pin it in with bobby pins. It gives you great versatility as to how you can wear it...
Red Organza Bow Fascinator
Red Organza bow... Very stylish. Adds that touch of colour. (Slide Comb)

If You would like a Fascinator made for your function or special occasion please let me know... Of if you would like to learn how to make them, gather some friends together & I would be happy to run a class for you all....

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