Monday, 29 March 2010

Crafting and Talking with someone one day may just SAVE their life!!!

Well I would like to report that yesterdays Autumn/Winter Mini Catalogue launch went quite well... The only hic-cup was that we had everyone arrive on time!!! What's with that??? hehe.. So much for people dribbling in for a steady constant flow.. I guess that was due to EVERYONE being so excyted about the new products available and being able to play with them..
Thanks to all who came.

Oh and by the way... 2 of the Three Door prizes went to the ladies on my table.. hehe.. They were Liz's customers BUT>>>>> they were on my table... (just had to get that in there.. no competitive side here ;)

So I called one of my ladies (name withheld as I have not asked her permission to mention it as of yet) today and she mentioned that on her way home there was a fatal accident on the freeway... Her friend that was with her said.... "you know if Ursula did not come over to talk to us at the end we may have been in the accident.." WOW!!! Did that give me the goosebumps!!! Here I was thinking to myself that I should just check in again and make sure I am polite and say goodbye. Because you get so caught up in the busy-ness of getting people through their cards and making sure that they are all finished and having a good time B4 they leave that you sometimes feel like you may have neglected your customers and friends. Especially if they are first timers to our events. So if you have a moment to breath you try to think what else you can do to help someone have a positive time at their first PaperANGELS event... and as I have been informed.... Talking with them may have saved their lives... Things do happen for a reason!!! I truly believe that!!

Craft can save someones life.. and even being polite can do this... I am grateful for being an instrument on this occasion.. and that the gift of the gab has helped again...

Love and thoughts to those who were caught up in the accident.. May you feel his loving arms surround you at this time!!!

Love Ursula xxxx

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