Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Valentines Day

I received this email a couple of days ago and thought what a LOVELY idea!!! I will not be able to go along but I can definitely add to the stash of cards to be distributed...

"Show you care, from one person to another. Ages 8 and up ward!

During the Valentine’s Day weekend
Saturday 13th of February,

We hope to give out hand-made Valentine’s Day cards to the elderly at Nursing Homes & Hospitals, with the intention of: brightening their day while they are in hospital, sharing our smiles, and hopefully having them realise that there are people in the community who care.
We will sing them a cute song, hand out a card, wish them “Happy Valentine’s Day”, and hopefully hand out some helium balloons.
We would LOVE you to participate,
Or, make some ‘Valentines Day’ cards for us to hand out,

Kathy x"

I hope the day goes well and that a lot of people are feeling the love!!! What a BEAUTIFUL thing it is to think of others and to also SHOW that you love them by sharing your precious times and talents with them!!!
Here's what I have come up with today so far.....

Nursing Home Valentines Day Cards

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