Monday, 4 May 2009

Preperations for going to Stampin' UP! Celebrate Convention 2009

There is so much that goes into preparing for a convention.. forget the 'normal' girly stuff... of making sure you have the right day wear clothes, accessories, hair products, make up and glorious evening outfit that will be dolled up to boot!!! .... there is all the preparations for .... SWAPS>>>> And then you have the ingenious thought of... 'Well maybe I want to give my team something.. cause I want them to stand out in the crowd and know that someone loves them..' (even the ones interstate whom you have never met....cause they are part of the team too!!!) So this is were the creative part in me steps it up BIG time... See not having a lot of money to spare.. well you can get quite resourceful!!! Plus you have to come up with something that combines your creative idea with some Stampin' Up! product.... That you can mass produce and that is useful to convention activities....

So my original idea was to make some name badges for our team using our hodge podge... Being that we are the I wanted to make some little angel name broaches.....

Hodge Podge Name Tag Brooches
(I think they tuned out beautifully... You know that our punches come in hand for weights to be sure that things stay together while glue is drying too!!! hehe... how versatile are they???)

Then I had this other idea for Liz... (my upline... and friend) I wanted to do something special for her this year... I remembered that I was blessed to meet a wonderful lady.. Katrina.. who has her own business where she prints business logos etc on ribbon (or wine bottles or stuff like that.. I have mentioned her before.... ) Presonalise Ribbons web site. Click to view....
Anyway.... I got her to do 2 Beauty Queen Sashes.. one for me (of course) and another special one for Liz...With our Logo on it... and when I received the samples.. Well I just so darned excited that I had to share it with ALL the PaperANGELS... They were so gorgeous!!!...

When I had all the broaches done and enough loo paper rolls (eweeeh) to roll ribbons on.. I decided that I would wrap them... Of course as our team shirts are black and the logo is HOT pink... I had to do black ribbons and pink passion tags to decorate a attach the name broaches on...

Hodge Podge Name Badges and Convention 2009 Sashes
Together they looked soooooooooo cute!!! (*It did take forever to get them to sit right to take this photo!!!!)

(*I was worried that some of the women may not like them.... that they would be a little too cutsie for them.... but I was so chuffed that all the girls wore them every day!!! Thank you ladies!!! Love you all!!!)

The best thing about the sashes is that I had a momentary stroke of genius to make them memorabilia of "Stampin' Up Convention 2009"... So along with the paperANGELS logo I had those words on the end too... Most of the girls are going to hang them in their craft areas/rooms... What an honor... (Man I am so emotional at the moment that I keep tearing up!!! What a DAG!!!)

Anyway There are a few photos of the girls wearing them... I will add them later.. perhaps to another blog entry... as this one is a little long...

Preparation for Convention is FUN!!!!


  1. Hi Usrula
    Just wanted to say again what a fantastic job you did making all the name tags and the sashes, I know I did not wear my sash, but it will be hung in my craft room and everytime I look at it, it will remind me of you. Thanks again for making dinner on Thursday night memorable!! (oink oink) Luv Julie

  2. Not a problem.. as i said.. I got one (sash) and could not not share the joy around... It was too bloomin good and BEAUTIFUL!!! So thrilled that everyone liked the broaches!!

    And yeah.. not a problem... every group needs a clown to laugh at!!! might as well be me.. by the way... no (oink) flu... so far.. I seem to be attracting PIGS though... That will definitely teach me not to be greedy now.. I will ask for the smallest one next time.. not the biggest one!!!!

    Glad I could make it a memorable convention for all involved!!!.. As well as Liz winning the Heart of Stampin' UP! I still tear up thinking bout it...

    Love Ursula


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