Monday, 4 May 2009

Swaps..... Preperations for going to Stampin' UP! Celebrate Convention 2009

Now SWAPS are a part of "Convention Culture"... and are a must for one to have the whole convention experience.. not to mention that it is COOL to have new ideas for projects etc and a GREAT way to meet other wonderful talented Stampin' Up Demonstrators (Australia wide)... And awesome for those of us who are shy with strangers...

(*yes girls I am.... believe it or not.. I suck at small talk... great to get in to a D&M with!!! but I don't particularly care about the whether.... cause today I am ALIVE!!! And usually it's great... and if it's not.. then you just smile and pretend.. so that eventually you fool yourself into having a great time!!! you know "Fake it till you make it"!!! That's not being false or fake.. just being positive.. I'll always tell you if I am feeling Crappy I just add it to the pile of poo in my life... you get used to the smell eventually... but I'll do it with a smile.. and move on quickly... Besides I have craft in my life.. who could not be HAPPY with that???)

Back to SWAPS... I get a little side tracked sometimes....

SWAPS... sometimes the inspiration comes fast.. Usually it comes slowly.. especially if you have been to one or 2 conventions B4... You want to demonstrate something cool.. new.. and pretty... but the pressure we sometimes put on ourselves to come up with that 'different' idea... well it's just too much... And let me tell you that someone somewhere in the world will have thought about 'your' idea B4... So just relax and take the pressure off yourself and create something that you enjoy... because you are gonna make A LOT of them...!!!

With that in mind.. I came up with hair clips this year.... And thought I was very original... but discovered days later that in the USA Stampin' UP! Catalogue on page 35 there are some hair clips... dough!!!

However It was a labor of love!!! (if you get board.. then change colours.. that may help??)
another tip... Take all your swaps on the first day and SWAP LIKE A MAD WOMAN!!!! As a result of not taking them all on the first day... I have some of these left... yes you live and learn the culture!!! Please learn form my mistakes... Especially if you do more than 50 swaps...!!!

My Hair Accessory swaps for Stampin' UP! Celebrate Convention 2009If anyone is interested in these.. please call me or email me or message me on here.. I will send you one(or 2)!!! or you can come pick one (or2) up!!! Anytime... They may reappear at Regional training... or could be Hostess rewards for a little while!!!

I do have heaps of swaps that I received and am yet to take some photos of.. I will be putting them up soon.. so stay tuned

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