Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Display boards From Convention

I did not realise how much work people put into these wonderful tutorials and information sessions.. Until I started to crop the photos so that I could put each up individually... When you are sitting in the audience trying to soak in the information and watching the demos... Well it all happens so fast because of "the magic of television" and "here's one I prepared earlier"... I'm waiting for the stake knives to be brought out.. heheh... I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful demonstrators that gladly shared their Time talent and ideas!!! You's are all inspirations... (love the english??? yous... bahh haah haah)

I learned so much form Convention and was so inspired!!! I really want to just sit and create non stop for a month... Of course that is not possible... you need to eat and sleep.. take kids to school... cook and clean... You know do all those hum drum things you used to enjoy b4 you became obsessed with paper Crafts...

With all the information that was shared with us and all the demos and displays.... well you would have to be mute and blind to not have learned something... We learned... how to use tools properly, some different techniques, new ideas on how to run your workshops... Little tips that make them more interesting and exciting for your hostess... We learned some more about our great business tools on the web site, some catch phrases, and selling information.. We laughed we cried we jumped for joy. We clapped & cheered, wolf whistled, ohhed and arhed... we got embarrassed (more on that later) and recognised... Some received free stamp sets... (not me... NEXT year they will be mine... yes they will) Some of us were followed around by the camera man!!! some call that stalking.. but when you do crazy things and wear a Halo.. well that's kind of asking for it!!!.... All in all it was a fabulous time...

But wait there's more..... No steak Knives still... ... heheheh

I highly recommend to all demonstrators (hobbyist to career demos) to start putting some money away each week.... about $15 per week should build a really nice nest egg for next years convention in Sydney...That will give you a bit of spending money too!!! Start stashing!!! take it off your profits of your Workshops...

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