Monday, 22 August 2011

Simple Sympathy

A funeral can be quite heart wrenching.. I am glad that I have the knowledge and belief of an afterlife... and that I know I will see my family again and I will be with them again... Sometimes I feel  funerals are a lot harder for those of us who are left behind... We can go through a such and immense range of emotions when a loved one passes on... At times it can be a great relief especially for someone who has suffered in this life... Because I feel that it is often a time of sadness I like to make it more more beautiful and more like a celebration with loads of colour in my arrangements... Because Colour and Beauty help me to feel loved, Happy and testify to me that the Lord is in control and he knows all our pains and is always there to comfort us in our time of need.. After all the Lord created all that is beautiful in the world... and when someone is born or dies I believe that is the time we are closest to the Lord!!! Which is as BEAUTIFUL as BEAUTIFUL can get!!!

One of our lovely Paper ANGELS team remembered this week that I am a florist and asked me to arrange some flowers for her.. and in 2 days she had 5 other family members that wanted arrangements as well...  Felicity said that she would prefer to give the business to me.. and she knew for the $$$... I would include many more flowers than the florists!!! I hope these arrangements pleased them all.. And gave them something Beautiful to offer and to remember their loved one by... 

Beautiful flowers - Sunshine Rememberance

I wanted to include a lovely Simple Sympathy card with these arrangements so that I could write the individual family members messages on it..... the technique I used on this card was to put different couloured drops of my ink refills onto a baby wipe and use that as a temporary ink pad... it creates the perfect COLOURFUL rainbow effect that I felt would compliment the lovely Rainbow arrangements.... It is quite cool really... You can whip these cards up in a matter of moments.....  and there is no real need for embellishments because the colour is quite spectacular in it's self...

This arrangement I called Sunset... Because of the Beautiful Red, Orange and Yellow colours...

Beautiful flowers - Rememberance Box

These Three are in baskets.. the two outside ones are large baskets with a rainbow of coloured flowers...  The Middle one is a more traditional small basket of Pink and Yellow....
Bright Rememberance Basket of Flowers
Beautiful flowers - Happy Rememberance Basket

Bright Basket of Flowers

Vase of Yellow Flowers
Purple and yellow Box of FlowersThese two are again more traditional arrangements the purple and yellow one is in a box and the all yellow one is in a vase.. I always think it is nice to have something to keep afterwards... and a vase is a great way to have a gift of flowers and then something to keep...

God Bless ... May the Lord Comfort your family Felicity at this time.... xxxooo


  1. You hit the nail on the head Ursula, they were beautiful. And when we took them back to my Mother in law's house they really brightened up the wake. Thank you so much for the amazing job you did in such a short space of time. Felicity xx

  2. No problem Flick my pleasure!!! Glad to know they brightened it up a little... Sending much love,prayers and good thoughts to you all!!! xxxooo


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