Monday, 22 August 2011

Make n Take - July 2011

If you were lucky enough to hold a workshop in July this year this BEAUTIFUL little Butterfly card was yours... And everyone in your workshop got to recreate it (minus the glitter)... It's such a lovely little card and not particularly hard to do.. If you are mass producing them the Big Shot makes it quite easy as you can cut at least 5 layers of butterflies out at a time...

Big Shot Butterfly and Glitter Card

The simplest and quickest way to add the layer of glitter is to use the new Big Shot Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets... You cut out the adhesive and the card stock just a little bigger than the die you want to cut, take off ONE layer of the paper on the Adhesive Sheet and adhere to the Card stock.  Then you cut both the card stock with the adhesive Sheet attached in the Big Shot... Once die-cut take off the other layer of paper on the adhesive and sprinkle generously with glitter... be sure to push down glitter into the glue to cover well... You can do this with either the base of the glitter container or if you use a scrap piece of paper as your catcher of excess glitter you can fold it over and use the palm of your hand to press the glitter into the adhesive.

TIP 1.. I usually use the same colour of card stock as the glitter.. just in case you find when you tip off the excess glitter some card stock is not covered... It's not quite so obvious when you do use the same coloured card stock.. and to fix this problem you can always use your 2Way glue pen to fill in the bare spot and recover with glitter....

TIP 2... As we live in Australia and it can get quite humid and hot.. I discovered (out of part desperation and part inspiration) that if you put your adhesive sheet into the fridge first your layers of paper (on the adhesive) will come off better with out pulling the glue off in patches... and when I am at a workshop and needing to demo the Adhesive Sheets I ask the hostess if I can put it in the freezer cause it is faster at cooling... I now store all my Adhesive Sheets in the Studio fridge... so far they are all fantastic.... and ready to go right away when I need them...

Enjoy Gluing and Glittering!!!

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