Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Punch Art - Class

At my recent Punch Art class we made these lovely creations... I asked my ladies if they wanted to make some punch art and put it on a lovely card... But they insisted that they would love to make the instruction cards with the Punch Art on them so that they could remember how they were created... We were having such a great time that 7pm soon turned into 11pm.... But wow look at the results.... We made these 6 instructional Punch Art cards... I love the internet and doing Google search for Punch Art... There are SOOOOO many clever people out there.. It is so inspiring!!! Love Love LOVE-ing Punch Art at the moment!!!!

Punch Art Instruction Cards

Special mention MUST go to Carroll for her AMAZING Crocodile!!! OH MY GOODNESS.. How freeking CUTE is he??? AMAZING!!!! Everyone who sees him just wants to make him!!! My 11yo Son came to my studio in the morning to look at what we had created the night before and he just had to sit down then and there to make one of these for himself!!! Check out Carroll's Corner by clicking HERE...

It's also been a BIG hit at Bayside Craft on Tuesday this week!!!


  1. Hi Ursula, the crocodile design is actually my copyrighted design offered in my zoo collection here:

    This pattern has been cased all over the net without giving me proper credit.

  2. Kim.. you design such beautiful Punch art!!!! Thank you for your brilliance!! It's wonderful to have such amazing people in the world who share their talents so others can enjoy them... Keep up the AWESOME work.. I hope people will enjoy your creations for generations to come...

  3. Thanks Ursula, I hope you get a chance to check out my blog and all of the great free tutorials I offer as well as classes.



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