Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Easter Class - 2011

Easter Card and Basket - Punch Art 

This is what was created for my Easter class... 3 cute little bunnies on a card with fluffy tails.. Inspiration for this one was from the internet somewhere... I remember seeing it ages ago.... on several blogs...  Also we made this FANTASTIC little basket - template was given to me from Fiona (KENG craft group)... Aaron was a dear once again and used his engineering skills to draw it up for me so that I could easily print it out onto the card stock... His quote was... "I knew I studied for a reason.. It's good to see that I can use my skills to help you craft!"... He loves it... Helping me is a pleasure ^_^ ... He is a perfectionist too!!! And that makes all his templates work.. PERFECTLY!!!!  Once this one was cut out we stamped with the wood-grain background stamp to give it a more authentic pick-nick basket kind of look. The white bunnies tail was coloured by using corresponding chalks or ink pads... (HiNT - If you do use ink pads be sure to give it time to dry as it does not stick well if it is not dry.. and it falls off and it makes a dirty mark on the bunnies bottom.. which does not look too good... If you get my drift??? I have one card here that looks very Australian Sheep looking... :)


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