Friday, 1 April 2011

Punch Art

Punch Art Instruction Cards
Although Punch Art has been around like FOREVER.. I have not really gotten into it... I may have dabbled here and there but never been totally obsessed with it!!! I have been trying for years to make some great instruction cards to give examples of some punch art.. but it has never really taken off.. Til NOW....

With Bayside Craft Group and KENG Craft Group both wanting to do Punch art once a month I am REALLY lucky that I get to do it twice a month now.. And I have created so many wonderful things in the last month!!!! These are just a few of the Punch Art designs I have Goggled for and printed the images for over the last year or so... And finally I am able to say and prove (sorry for bad photo) that I have done some punch art....

With all the Stampin' Up! punches the possibilities are limitless!!!Cards, Scrapbooking embellishments, book marks and so many other cute things can be created with ones of these FANTASTIC little creatures!!!

I have even found that my children are LOVING the instruction cards as it makes it really easy for them to copy the designs and have a FANTASTIC time Punching together... (the non-hurting kind of punching for a change.. hehehe) And my craft ladies love it just as much in fact they insist that punch art be a definite monthly class!!!

What are you waiting for get too and discover the ART of Punching for yourself!!!!

Love Ursula

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