Tuesday, 12 April 2011

PaperANGELS Team Meeting - March 2011

For the last 2 months meetings we have been making this wonderful little flip booklet of techniques. Each month we do 3 more to add to it.. What a FANTASTIC tool to help give inspiration and to take to customers to see what kind of things they might like to learn... I have done a technique class or two over the years but I must admit that having them on this fantastic little calendar stand makes it easier to flick through them and it just looks pretty... I may just start a techniques class of my own soon!!! Stay tuned.....

Technique Flip Stand & Secret Scrap Page

As an added bonus in March Liz showed us this lovely page... She had recently had the privilege of compiling and designing a memorial album for one of her husbands work colleagues who's wife recently passed away... In 2 days she managed to create a fantastic album that is truly a treasure!!! The design was so fabulous she wanted to share it with us... I am so glad she did!!! The sugestion was to have some photos and some space for people to write messages for the family to remember their loved one by... And Liz came up with a fantastic way to keep the beautiful messages but hide them also if they were too personal to always share.

As we were at a meeting we created an 8"x8" replica page... The Panel in the middle folds down and you can place more photos on the inside of the DSP... This is where people can write a personal message too... Perfect to hide very personal messages.. or if people are like me and have MESSY writing.. well that can be hidden too and not wreck the page!!!

This whole situation started some great discussion about creating an "All about me" album... Sometimes if feels rather strange making an album about yourself.... Like you are totally conceited or something... But through our discussions we realised that it is a FANTASTIC thing to do. As you get to put things in there that really mean something to you whilst you are able to enjoy it.. And while other members of the family are able to enjoy it with you. It could create many bonding opportunities.. and help family's grow together....

So why not get a group together today adn create one of these FANTASTIC albums so that your treasured memories can live on... and maybe your wonderful group can add something to your album that will uplift you when times are trying... It is lovely to read touching thoughts and uplifting things about your charactor when you are feeling down... It gives you that extra boost to carry on!!!

Love Ursula

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