Saturday, 11 April 2009

Wedding Bonbonneries - Treasure Chest Type

I made these for a client just recently.. I tried to get some padlocks to make them look more like a treasure chest.. only there was none to be found!!! I substituted the padlocks for interlocking hearts.. I thought that was nice... Nice symbol for marriage too!!! Two hearts becoming one... (* sighs and looks glossy eyed... thinking of the whole romance of that statement!)

She was getting married on the Beach and was having a 'Treasure Chest' instead of a 'Wishing Well'.. So love that idea!!! Thought that the gold coin chocolate would be a good thing to go in them too.. as it is kind of treasure chesty!!!

Treasure Chest Wedding Bonbonneries
Mass producing these boxes is definitely a labour of LOVE!!! Takes for eva!!! So glad my lovely Hubbie was willing and able to help me out.. else she may never have received them on time!!!

I put a little Vellum tag on each one with their names and Date of the wedding..(After I was reminded that I forgot.. I seem to be having a lot of BLOND Moments lately!!!... SOOOOOOOOOOO unprofessional!!My heart is there... But the head is lacking some what..)

Treasure Chest Wedding Bonbonnerie - Single
All is well in the end... They turned out beautiful.. I was very happy with them..
And so was the Bride (when I fixed the overlooked bits!!! )

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