Saturday, 11 April 2009

Techniques Class # 2

This is a sneak peak of what we will be doing.. Nothing more then a picture to tease you all!!! hehe.. I know I am evil!!! but you all love it!!!

You know the more I think about techniques the more I think I know!!! I could keep you all going for a few years I am sure.. and with Stampin' Up! Convention 2009 coming up next month.. well I am sure I will be inspired by our other Aussie Demonstrators in their "Swaps" and in the "Workshop Wows" that I will be privileged to see!!! Can you tell I am excited??? (19 days to go!! & counting)

Anyway enough blabbering.. here's the photo.. Book in still a couple of places... Be Quick.. If you haven't done the first one don't worry It will not make it harder.. Just means you will not have the box to put them in.. but I can repeat the class again.. just let me know you want to do it... And I'm all yours!!! ;) .. gerr baby!!!

Technique Reference Cards

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