Saturday, 11 April 2009

Techniques Class Numero UNO

Well this was a brilliant Class!!! It was loved by all!!! And I really enjoyed it too... The class is designed to help you remember all the techniques that we teach/learn... We make a card for every Technique and then glue the instructions on the back so you can take them home and remember what it was the crazy lady said!!! The whole "How to's" of creating that effect...

Inspiring, Informative, Educational.. and with me definitely entertaining!!! I always do something to make people laugh!!! Blond moments.. Foot in mouth disease.. You know the drill!!! So me to a tee!!!
Techniques Reference Cards Class Numero UNOThis class will be repeated in May (09).. there is still a few places.. It takes about 4 hours!!! Cause I went a little fussy Lala on the whole decorating the cards... got to remember to KISS.. (Keep It Simple Silly or Stupid.. what eva!!) You do the tin in the class too... this is how you keep all your Techniques class cards protected and in pristine condition... Remember there is 2 more classes this year so you will end up with 30 reference cards by the end of 2009... yeah...
Love to see you attending!!!

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