Saturday, 11 April 2009

Graphgic Design...

We also can Design your business LOGO... here's some we have done in the past...
Mine is very simple!!
Hand Crafted by Ursula James:-

Aaron's Grump Bear:-
Exquisite Brow:-For some reason it changes the colour when you load that picture on here... It's much nicer than that.. it is Blues with blond hair and red lips... not these greens and oranges!!! icky!!!

Personalised Wines:- The basic card was set out by Katrina and the font was one of hers.. But the wine glass bottle and liquid was my work... Check out her Web Site.. CLICK HERE

Then I worked out how to make it a Logo so if she wanted to get rubber stamps made or print her logo on things in a simplified version she would have something to do that with.. Katrina will be adding the text...

Triple R Photos...
Our logo and business card... Colours again are a bit whacked.. no idea why.. but you get the idea of the card

There is more to come.. Stay tuned

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