Saturday, 11 April 2009

Bronze Look-A-Like Metalic Tags

Did you know you can do layer upon layer of embossing then stamp into it to make an image indentation??? well here is what I did for another class just recently.. I did about 4 layers of embossing then stamped my image (while embossing was hot) ...

You really do need to make sure that you protect your stamp by coating it with VersaMark Before you stamp it... And the best thing about this technique is..... If you stuff it up all you need to do is reheat and the image melts away... for you to try again.. Yeah!!! Makes everyone look like a Pro!!!

I also used the MatPac & piercing tool to make sure that my brads were evenly spaced apart... Love the Matpac!!!Hoe to make your own Embossed Bronze Look-A-Like Metalic TagsOh yeah and if you want an antique look you can stamp your image into your StayzOn... It's a cool effect.. Try it!!!

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