Friday, 6 February 2009

Trip to Melbourne

I went to Melbourne last month... And the highlight for me was leaving the family at home... wahoo!!!
No seriously it was....
Well I guess the other highlight was going to see "Wicked" (the untold story of the witches for the Wizard of Oz) How amazing was it????
But besides all that I was able to spend some time with my sister... I looked at her scrap books and checked out her room.... It is so important to have a designated domain!!! Anyway I had to take a photo of her canvas on the wall.. They are a great idea... I like the idea of doing a word and making other words and then having a great meaningful phrase after them... Man my English is how you say suck at the moment... been too long since I have posted on here...

This is just for you KATE!!! Kate is another Paper Angel and follows my blog and has been complaining that I am not giving her enough inspirational stuff this year!!!! Well I got the photos... but have to find the time to blog.. so over the next few weeks I should have some stuff ... OK???? Man some people are pushy!!!!
But I love em'... Gets me motivated.... Kisses.. Muwah xxxooo

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