Monday, 2 June 2014

Mixed Media Framed Art

Michelle's  Mixed Media Framed ArtMarj's Mixed Media Framed ArtCatherine's Mixed Media Framed Art

Did you know that you can use your stamps to stamp into Fimo or Sculpty clay?... (it's a clay that you can mold and shape, then bake in the oven for 15mins to set hard...) It's fantastic to play with and see what you can do... With these box frames we made the art backing by ripping DSP in strips and sticking it on a piece of card stock.  We stuck all the bits down with Crystal Effects... and coated anything we wanted to be lacquered with Crystal Effects as well... Then we stamped a greeting ("Go in the direction of your dreams") and put that in the center of the artwork...We used gold ink on the stamp to highlight the words.. (It stays there when you bake it.) We also used the ships log stamp from "The Open Sea" Stamp set to make the corners. We daubered the ships log corners with Shimmer paint to give it the antique look... We each made a face and decorated it with reinker died ribbon and we used several bits of metal pieces to decorate further.. I think the result is kind of a Steam Punk Aztec looking wall art masterpiece... This was a great class and shows that your stamps can be used for so many more things than Just Stamping!!!

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