Monday, 2 June 2014

Card Stock Storage

My storage is ALWAYS changing.. depending on what I think may work better... With the revamp of our Stampin' Up! colours last year I decided to organise my Card stock draws a little differently... As I have classes and sometimes have my customers pick their own colours it made sense to me to put them in some kind of same colour - lightest to darkest order....

Draws of A4 Card Stock
Draws of A4 Card Stock

Storage for Stampin Up Stamp Sets

Then I reorganised my stamp sets too.. I liked the idea of this DVD storage... However I soon found that my collection grew out of it... So I had to make custom-made shelf.. and to my surprise I am almost out of space with that one too!!! Lucky some of my stamp sets will be retiring soon... I will have to get rid of some of them and make way for the new ones!!!

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