Monday, 2 June 2014

Cards Made at Paper Angels Training Meetings

At all of our Paper Angel meetings we make FABULOUS cards.. Here are some that I took photos of in the last year with my Phone.... The clarity is not as good as I would like them to be but they are clear enough to see that we always make BEAUTIFUL cards.. another benefit of being a PAPER ANGEL....

Laughter CardFlower Thank You card

Thanks so much Card

Washi Tape Card
Doily and Watercolour Card
For all the years we have been making cards at our Paper Angels training meetings we have always had difficulty having our time with the only 2 samples between sometimes 20 of us..........
....... Well when we saw one of our pre-baby-boomer generation Angels take a photo of the sample with her phone we were SHOCKED... Why had we not thought of that before?? Shelagh... You are AMAZING!!!! We will never have to WANT for nor FIGHT for the sample again... Massive Props!!!

Taking a Photo of the Sample Card

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