Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Punch Art Chalenge

One of my lovely friends comes to visit quite often and we sit and talk and sometimes craft etc the day away... She is an amazing Milinar (maker of hats etc) and if she comes with a project to do there is always a challenge in it for me...Recently she came with this lovely pirate paper she had found a while ago.. Suzie was in desperate need of some boys cards and what better says boys than a good old pirate theme??? My challenge...(*insert Mission Imposable theme music) If I choose to accept... was to design some Pirate themed punch art...

Skull and Crossbones

Then this cool palm tree....

Then this Parrot.... It took me FOREVER!!! not sure I will want to create this again.. but I am sure I may have a look on the net for someone else' to CASE... it's bound to be easier!!!

Arrrh maties.. I hope ye all ave a greeeeat time a punchin'!!!

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