Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Hubbie's DA MAN

My Hubbie is AMAZING!!! He supports my hair brained ideas 110%... all the way.. He always takes an interest in my crafting... even though I am sure he must get bored with it sometimes...

I was a little upset with the fact that everyone kept talking about how hard I am to buy a present for... and Hubbie was quite perplexed as to what he would get me last year for my birthday... as money was tight and he knew I would like expensive things and he would be comfortable and excited to purchase something like a ipad or a new camera or something else techie.. (cause he does techie well)... Anyway one day I cracked it... I said a few stern words and told my whole family that I really wasn't that hard to please.. if they just all (mostly to the children) helped out around the house and cleaned up their messes and made me breckie in bed (on my Birthday) and maybe got to and made some of the things we had been talking about...  like a bedside table and a ribbon rack etc.. well that would be FANTASTIC.... (I had even gone out to IKEA with Master 13 and purchased an old door to attach legs to for a bedside table... and I had purchased from the hardware store some steal rods for the Mr to fix to a ribbon rack.. We had gone to a laser cutting place and gone through their bin of offcuts for the perspex... and I had even handed the materials {several times} to the perspective builders)..... I think the materials all up had cost under $10...

Long story short.. the next couple of weeks were really fantastic... I had a lovely Birthday... and Hubbie went the extra mile and made me this AMAZING +++ ribbon rack!!! I am so spoiled... :)
He even put the Stampin' Up! logo on it and the tag line is on the sides... Lucky me!!!!

I'm still waiting on the bed side table... but you know.. all things come to those who wait.. or go out and do themselves... (building the table is now on MY to do list)

Moral of the story is ... Ask and ye shall receive... 
and the other Moral to the story is... If at first you don't succeed... try try again... (sternly ;P)

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