Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Baby Brag Booklet

Have you ever wanted to give a LOVELY present and found that money was just too tight??? Well... my focus this year was making Christmas special and beautiful without the price tag...
This little baby Brag booklet was inspired by a Stampin' Up! instructional video I watched with a cool technique I used with an embossing folder, brayer adn ink pad...  (click for link Here) And would you believe that it may have only cost about $5 to $8 to make??? but if you are like me and already have all the card stock, stamps inks, embellishments and ribbon... well it costs nothing more than a little time... :)... that makes me very HAPPY!!!

I wanted the journaling to be hidden as I (like many) do not like my hand writing... I think it spoils the BEAUTIFUL page... sooooo the BEST solution is make a pocket and a tag to pull out with plenty of room to journal... so you will have the best of both worlds... personal hand written journaling that will not interfere with the page.... I do believe it is important to have some hand written things from our loved ones as it is a part of them... who they were when they have passed on... so please if you do feel like me and do not like your writing.. DON'T do all your journaling with the computer or symply just not journal at all... Write the story down... and do it in your own hand every now adn then... Your children and grand children (and so on) will be very grateful!!!

I hope this inspires you to make BEAUTIFUL handmade gifts... That cost only time and that capture a little of the "YOU" essence... (in creation and in hand writing... ;P )


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