Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Christmas Is a TIme for Cheer and FUN!!!

 Christmas really is a time for cheer and fun!!! So why not get in there and play a little!!!

I had a few classes with my lovely customers and some "play dates" with my lovely friends (and teammates who are my friends) and we came up with some fun gift tags and cards for the Season...

This little number is FUAN FUN FUN.. the ginger bread man looks as though he is peeking out from a window with all his friends.. soooo cute!!! and if you were in one of these classes as we were making it I had quite a few questions as to where to place the ribbon or the window of Ginger bread men... my answer simply was... "stick it where ever you like..." some people were offended... I'm not sure why??? hehehe (they weren't really.. they were just teasing me for my VERY CASUAL approach to teaching... we always have so much fun at Thursdays Card group!!!)

This CUTE idea of a decorated house was dreamed up by Michelle... we played for ages trying to work out how to make a card look like a decorated house...I'm sure we will perfect it some more in the future... You could make a whole village of houses if you want!!!

These Tags were inspired by someone.. I can't remember who... my memory is quite bad sometimes but at least I remember how to stamp etc... hehe.. I think we may have even done these at a Paper Angels meeting....?? does anyone else remember??? I know I ran a class on them after cause i loved them so much I thought others might like them too...

and finally these cute and easy stamp n stack cards with a Christmas theme...

It's oh so fun to play the day away....in a Stampin' Up! way.... Horaaaayyyyyy!!!!

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