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Stampin' UP Melbourne Convention - 2011

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Well what a FANTASTIC time we had at convention this year!!! I do believe it was the best Convention EVA!!!! Due to the fact that it is now 3 days and also because each day was filled with wonderful inspiring projects and motivational talks which not only apply to our business but on a very personal level they apply to our life as well. Helping one to see how they could make themselves better people.

There were so many fantastic things that happened. Through out the three days we must have had at least over 20 sneak peeks of stamp sets and products that will be in the New Idea Catalogue 2011-2012....  
{As we are not allowed to put them on the net yet... well you won't be seeing them on here for a wile.. HOWEVER I can say that if you would like to see some we even received some of these sets in the Prize patrol and as a special 5th Birthday pressie to all the demos that attended Convention.Come on over and take a look at the new products if you would like to see them or book a workshop and mention that you would like to see them and I could bring them for you to take a look at!!! Oh I can also show you the new years In Colors... whoot whoot!!!}

The theme song this year was AWESOME... But how could you go wrong with changing the lyrics to a Miley Cyrus song? (Party in the USA) in fact it was so catchy that weeks later I still have it going around my head... "Cause we share what we love, we love what we do.. Doesn't get much better... Stampin' UP! together...we share what we love, we love what we do.. Oh life is good... say yeah eh eh eh heeh...Sharing it with the World." (If you want to hear the actual song you can CLICK HERE and see the US Convention Highlights... (ours is not up to see yet) trust me it's catchy!!!) I loved loved loved the dance that the Sydney Staff put together for the opening presentation.  Anna, Jeannette and Clare shook their funky thangs to the grove and Cate even sang the theme song!!! How talented are they??

The thing I loved MOST about Convention this year was all the FUNNY things that happened on stage while people were presenting.

...Aaron.. (Sydney Head Office) Did a whole Break Dance for us. Complete with an impressive back spin... And was mega pooped after it... hehehe.. It was hard for him to catch his breath enough to present to us... (It is a fact we are all getting older... )

...Emma (New Zealand Head Office) Showed us some of the new FABRIC and Fabric adhesive and while demoing with the (stolen from her hotel) Iron how to attach the adhesive to the material she was explaining how very important it is to make sure that you do iron it on the correct side... then she lifted the fabric and the adhesive was all stuck (very well) on the Stampin' Up logo table cloth... heheheh... She also chucked a little bit of a hissy fit when one of her flower appliques would not do what she wanted and ended up chucking it some where behind her in frustration.. It was so funny!!! And so what I do in a workshop if things don't work out.. hehehe... Just like you do with little kids.. Distraction from the immediate always takes off the focus... However when anyone else demonstrated on the same table they all had to mention the mess that was on the cloth.. Each time it received another laugh...

...Shelly. (CEO Stampin' UP) was talking about how important tweesers were to have in your tool kit.. The convo went a little like this. "You should have them in your tool kit.. You do have them don't you? They are very important. I hope you do have them otherwise you would be growing a lot of hair somewhere?" Barrrh harr harr harr.... Then she realised what she had said and went totally red with embarrassment... Then to bring everyone back and get herself focused she said.. "ok that's enough... We need to focus down here..." (meaning on the project that she was demonstrating but you know those Freudian slips just can not be taken back....)
Shelly also made a "pretend" surprise discovery of Emma's glue covered table cloth and then said that she would not have to worry about her job because you can simply use the adhesive eraser to remove the glue and the cloth is as good as new... heheh.. (I bet Emma Sighed with relief!!!)

... Derick (US Head Office).. Was the commentator of the "win it in a Minute" Challenge Show... Where many demonstrators had to try out the day before by being the fastest to change the top cup to the bottom cup in a stack of cups alternating hands each time... It was hard.. the cups kept sticking together!!! The winners went onto participate in 3 challenges.. 1st one was to roll a whole reel of ribbon onto a pencil the fastest. The second one was MEGA embarrassing!!! Each contestant had a choc chip bickie placed on their forehead and had to maneuver it from the forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscles... What a crack up this one was!!! And it is not flattering being up on the BIG SCREEN whilst doing this one! At least they were not alone.. I was mighty impressed with two of the ladies they had it nailed!!!  And then in the last challenge each contestant was fitted with a box on their bottom and had to shake it til all the wooden blocks came out... The winner was a lovely lady form the Gold Coast... She was fearless and so deserved the shopping spree prize!!!
... Pam and Bonnie were just FANTASTIC again... They really should be stand-up comedians... They are so natural and entertaining as well as inspiring!!!

... The advertisement competition was good too. We were asked to create an Advertisement to encourage people to come to convention. There was only 2 adverts sent in...The winner was presented with a $250 voucher for Stampin Up product (Man I wish we had been a little more organised to create a video.. We did have some great ideas) .

The first one was a group of demonstrators tapping, stamping and shaking brad containers to the beat... Then they formed a conga line and shouted "Convention"... It looked like they had great fun making it...

The winning video was made by one demonstrator who was VERY clever!!! It showed in fast motion her packing for convention... She tossed her clothes into her suit case, then placed her swaps on top.. discovered that she could not shut the case. Then she tossed all the clothes out and put the swaps in with the clothes on top... Then she tossed all the clothes out and placed the Swaps into the case by themselves.... The caption was.... "Convention... you only need the BARE Essentials" the closing shot was of her back and she had bare shoulders and legs with her bag rolling behind her.....
It was so clever.. and my oh my she was very brave!!!

Insentive Trip Anounced

...Next years Intensive trip to Broom was sensationally announced by Aaron and Emma riding in on the stage on real live Camels... To which Shelly felt the need to keep her feet planted but have her upper body lean backwards to avoid the camels coming too close.

Cammels on Stage

Liz's class on creating loyal customers was brilliant and her PowerPoint with scrapbook pages looked BRILLIANT!!! Talk about going the extra mile and making people feel special... Her little thank you cards were a hit too... So much so that Derick said that no one had ever done so much to demonstrate the meaning of going the extra mile for people. And he said that Liz had set a new bench mark.

Liz's Presenting Convention 2011

Because we had the three days at this years convention we had a shoe box swap night... Each of us (PaperANGELS) brought a card to stamp and put together on the Friday night. It was wonderful to chat, laugh and create together. with 15 of us all snug in the one room.

These were the cards we made....

(Photos to come)

This was my card....
Cup Cake Stand Card

And did I mention the display boards of the swaps??? There were HUNDREDS of fantastic cards!!!

(Photos to come)

On the Awards night The food was fantastic... This was our desert... 

5 Year Annaversary in Australia Dessert

It was YUMMY...
Because this year Stampin' UP! Australia was Celebrating their 5th Birthday we had a Card board Birthday cake for all demonstrators to sign.... And of course have some photo opportunities...

Some Angels near the Signing Cake

I spent some time reading what others had said.... When I write on a card or on something that is going to stand the test of time or be a keep sake I always try to write something meaningful.... So while I collected my thoughts and took a brief moment to contemplate what I was writing Liz asked me to pretend to take a bite out of the cake... "Because..." Liz Said... (Quote) "I knew if I asked you to do it you would." Isn't it good to be dependable??? hehe
Liz took some more pictures of me writing on the cake and also took a photo of what I wrote...

Signing The Commemorative Cake

Felicity, Bec and Liz all got to do the walk across the stage this year for their Stampin Up mile stones.. Congratulations ladies!!!

Liz & Shelly HuggingOne of Liz's Stampin Up MilestoneBec & Shelly Hugging

Then  came time for the announcement of the "Heart of Stampin' UP! award..." As Shelly read out some of the letters that were sent in we all listened carefully to see if we could place some of achievements and services to someone we knew. Then Shelly said something to the effect of... "This person is a member of the Queensland Performing Arts Choir... " It took me a little while to register this... And then I recognised it as the QPAC Choir... Which I always call it.... Then I got excited and said... "oh really there is another member here?.... I wonder where she is... I haven't met her yet!"  to which I was very "blondly" and innocently looking around to find the other member that I hadn't recognised yet...  Then Shelly went on.. "this demonstrator participated in collecting Cards for troupes.... "nah... I didn't do that..." was my response.. Then Shelly said... "this demonstrator organised a fundraising event which was called "The Arty Farty Tea Party".... This time the penny dropped and I realised that she was talking about me and my sneaky PaperANGEL team members had nominated me for the Heart of Stampin UP award.... And I was being awarded with it... The tears flowed... and anything else that Shelly said after that was not really heard... I was so touched and honored and majorly humbled that nothing else registered... Tears were flowing and I believe I may have even emotionally sucked in some air and quivered my lip making a strange sound... I do remember laughing at the mention that "the demonstrator made elaborate eye patches with the Big Shot...." What a night!!! I was so humbled... And felt somewhat undeserving... But loved oh so much... How does one relay the emotional feelings, eloquently  and sufficiently to allow others to even partly understand the things that flow through ones mind??? There really are no words... But to express my gratitude... Gratitude of belonging to a wonderful team that sincerely love and care for each other. That are there for you when times are troubled. That build you up when you are down... That Love you in spite of your constant foot and mouth disease... That laugh hysterically with you (or sometimes at you) and cry with you when you are touched by love or compassion. That hold you hand and encircle you in their loving arms when times are tough. That inspire you to be better than you were before... That bring out the very best in you both personally and creatively... That are willing to share their all with you... Family, Friends, Homes, Time, Love, Laughter, Creative inspirations and so much more... How blessed I am to be a part of a wonderful company... Stampin' UP!... To have met such wonderful people and to have them play a very important part in my life!!! I would hate to think how big the hole in my life would be with out these wonderful individuals and how if I was not a Stampin' UP! demonstrator I would never have met any of them.... Stampin' UP! has undoubtedly blessed my life with Purpose, Creativity, Friendship, Senility, Opportunity and so much more!!!

Imagine being a part of a fantastic loving team....
What a BRILLIANT time we all had.... There were so many other fantastic things that happened at convention... We've all come home armed with inspiring projects... New products.. New friendships... And totally invigorated and ready to get stuck into our Stampin' Up business weather it is a hobby or working towards a full time business...

Imagine coming with us to next years convention in Canberra and sharing this experience with us!!! 

2012 Convention Announced - Canberra
Imagine receiving enough inspiration for a whole years worth of projects...

It is all within your grasp...

Imagine coming with us to Regionals... November the 5th
Where are Regional 2012

 Itching to share this ALL with you!!!!
 Love Ursula

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