Saturday, 28 May 2011

How to - Mount your Clear Stamps

For a little while I have been meaning to blog about what I do with my stamps because I believe it may help others....

First of all I push out all the rubber die cut stamps.

Pop Them out

Then I peal the paper backing off the left over off cut.

Peal off Backing

And place it on the inside of the case for the set so that it sticks.

Place off cut inside you case

Next I take the paper off the rubber image.

Peel off backing on individual stamps

Then find the matching sticker image and peal off the paper..
(NB - Notice the split in the middle of the paper.. Stampin' UP ! Has left no detail for ease of use undone.... This is so that it is easier to peal off the paper.... And it will be on EVERY individual image)

Peal off Sticker Paper

 Be sure to take only the paper off and make sure that the sticky image stays in place...

Be Sure to leave Sticker on Paper

Next line up your rubber image with the outline of the sticky image and it should be PERFECT...

Place stamp over sticker lining up outside 

 Like this....

Place stamp over sticker lining up outside like this

Then you push down so it is stuck and peal off the sticky image with the now stuck rubber image.

Peal off Paper
And its Set

Once you have stuck each sticker on you can then place the stamp back in the off cuts inside the case.

Replace all stamps in off cuts in Case

 You will be amazed at how AWESOMELY it holds all your stamps in place...

And it will hold

Look they even stay there after turning the case upside down and shaking it!!!!

Even when upside down

I do this with EVERY set for a number of reasons..

1. Because they all stay in the case if I have not shut it properly. Especially the ones like Itty Bitty Sentiments that has what seems like HUNDREDS of little pieces...

2. When I pack up my stamp set after a workshop or a crafting session I can see at a quick glance that I have the WHOLE set in the case.... If I do find I am missing one it is not too late to go searching for it in the scrap bin or on the floor where it may have fallen....

3. Have you ever found that your individual stamps stick to the case sometimes and the sticker peals off??? Well I have found that when I do this they are held in by the rubber surrounds and not the sticker so the sticker does not stick to the case.. (unless you have pushed it down too hard last time you put them away) 


Lastly.... I sometimes have trouble remembering  which stamps belong to which sets.. So I find with this method.. If it doesn't fit... Well it just simply doesn't fit....

I hope this helps.... Happy Stamping
Love Ursula

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