Sunday, 30 January 2011

Eye Patch - Fashion Statement

On Monday this week I was feeling a little dizzy...I thought this was due to not taking my medication on Sunday night because I ran out of my prescription medication... So I made an appointment to get a new script on Monday afternoon.... When I got home I decided to have a lay down... It came time to pick up the children from school and I felt really dizzy and was kind of seeing everything with a bit of a 3D shadow... By 6pm that night I was seeing everything in definite double... So I called the after hours Dr... And she told me to go straight to the Hospital... I was a little naughty here and though, "well.. It can't be that bad cause I have no other symptoms with it".. So I just want to go to bed.... Plus if I went to the hospital at night time no one would be able to see me with an eye problem til the next day anyway... (This I know because of all the experience my Hubbie and I have had with Hospitals!!! )

So anyway... long story short after 2 days at the hospital and many many test later it seems I have "sixth nerve Palsy"..... Which means that the nerve that is responaable for the horazontal movement of my eye is pressured some how in my head and I have limited movement of my eye... It turns inward towards my nose and I am seeing DDDDOOOUUUUBBBBLLLLEEE!!! Fun stuff... So now that they gave me a semi diagnosis (still more testing to go.. and a Nuro Sergen consult)... I know that I am going to be wearing an eye patch for some time... (My friend Google suggests from 6 to 12 months...) I decided that I needed to turn my craft skills on for making a FASHION Statement eye patch or two!!!

Here's what I came up with using the Big Shot Circle Die cut today... It was a hit at church.... heheh
Eye Patch Fashion - Bright and ColourfulI am dreaming up more designs every night.. I believe I may have a large wardrobe of fashionable eye patches soon!!! Why not make an annoying situation fun I say!!! I may even find others out there who would love to make a fashion statement too with their one-eyed-ness!!! Hope this inspires you and gives you some more great project ideas you can use your BIG Shot for.. Happy Crafting!!!
Love Ursula

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  1. Seriously awesome Ursula! Your talents know no bounds as well as your inspiring sense of humour! How can we get you to craft group? Can Aaron drop you there on his way to work and then I can drive you home? Olga and Liz O'Brien should be coming too!


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