Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Australia Flood Appeal

As I, along with almost everyone across Australia and possibly the world have been watching the devastation of our wonderful country by floods.... I have been lost for words.... The power of Mother Nature is infinite indeed... One moment Australia is in drought, suffering with bush fires.. and the next the heavens are overflowing... It seemed to me that all the prayers for rain during the time of drought were answered in a few short weeks.... The destruction of the flood was nothing short of catastrophic!!! Homes have been flattened ... business destroyed... Precious lives have been shortened... It has been utterly heart breaking and totally gut wrenching....

I have been blessed & fortunate enough to have remained untouched. It was not due to anything other than dumb luck... We managed to purchase a house years ago that was on high ground.... At times I have felt a little guilty as I watch this event unfold... I was sitting in my little home, safe and sound... While just 10 munites down the road houses were totally submerged in water.

Over the past couple of weeks I have taken time to ponder these events that took place before my eyes thanks to modern technology; internet and Television. And as I have watched I have been deeply touched, moved and sometimes overwhelmed by many emotions.... I have cried as I have seen someones loved one swept away in the torrent of water.... I have been shocked by a single sole clinging for dear life to a pole while a wild river of water (that was not there minutes ago) thrashes against his body trying to rip him into its deadly path.... I have read articles and heard news reports of bravery, heroism and sacrifice.... I have shed tears for these acts also. I have watched in awe as I have seen strangers courage, love, understanding, charity and an outpouring of human kindness!!! To see people in lines longer than one kilometer of volunteers armed with essential clean up equipment... Thousands of people eagerly willing to lend a helping hand to rebuild lives.... It has touched me deeply and reinvigorated my belief in human kindness.... To see so many people reaching inward into their very essence finding their innate being and using it to touch, help and bless another.... Weather you are religious or not we all know that there is something that makes us who we are.. I believe it is our Soul... How much better is the world when we are all more in tune with our soul. If we could always see another's need and instinctively help to lift their burden??? It is my wish and my prayer that we may strive for this always!!!

Although I am unable to help with the clean up of the silt and filth that was left in the wake of the flooding, due to my husbands low immune system... I have tried to invent ways to help. I want to be of support and to share what I have.... So I have baked many yummy items and sent them with friends who are able to go to the affected areas to give out to the thousands of wonderful volunteers.. I have offered my services to help restore loved photos.... and I am always on the look out for other things that I may be able to do... I am pleased that Stampin' Up has these same desires. And I wanted to let you know that they announced their support for the courageous flood volunteers with this statement....

"As flood waters continue to inundate Australia in what has been described as the worst flooding in 37 years, we express our deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones and homes and to those whose lives have been changed forever. We, like so many of you, feel a compelling need to lend support to all those who have been affected. Stampin' Up! demonstrators have a long history of making a difference in the lives of others--especially when disaster strikes and the need is greatest. Nearly two years ago, we watched another tragedy unfold in Australia. Our hearts were touched as demonstrators, customers and friends joined together in support of the Bushfire Appeal. We've done it before and we can certainly do it again! Please join with us by supporting the Australia Flood Appeal--a cause in which Stampin' Up! will donate $2 AUD of the retail value of sales from any stamp set (with a retail value of $30 or more) sold in Australia and New Zealand from 15 January through 15 February to the State Emergency Services in Queensland.”

Again another way we can all be involved and show our support.... every little bit counts...

I'd like to say Thank you to Stampin' UP!!!!

May we all be blessed to our very core!!!

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