Monday, 3 May 2010

Cottage Wall Workshop

Cottage Wall Workshop CardsLast weekend I had the Cottage Wall Workshop... That I CASED From Liz... Picture above.... And my ladies really loved it... They loved it even more when I let them loose with some of my punches and other stamps to put greeting on their cards.... Here's just a few variations that they came up with!!!

Cottage Wall Workshop Cards - VariationsCottage Wall Workshop - Punches and othersMore Cottage Wall WorkshopArhhh.. they have been taught well.... heheh (oh I am so humble!!!)
Well done my grasshoppers!!!
While they were doing theirs I chose the same 'formula' to do a mass production of cards to get ready for What's New Pussycat Shopping extravaganza.... This is a great way to make your whole years worth of cards in one sitting!!!! I highly recommend it!!

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