Saturday, 29 May 2010

Convention Swaps 2010 - Stampin' UP! - Sydney Australia -

What a wonderful time we had at convention!!! One of the highlights of convention every year is SWAPS.... It's a great way to meet demos from all over Australia and New Zealand... To have a bit of a chat and pick their brains on their creativity or offer sincere compliments on their efforts!!!..... I just wanted to say how thankful I am to ALL the lovely demonstrators that swapped with me.... I loved coming home and really looking at all of them.. You truly are Inspired to Create and Share at a Convention!!! After all that was the whole them of this years Stampin' UP! convention....
I now have so many wonderful project ideas to replicate and be inspired by I am sure I will be kept really busy for the next year....I have taken some really quick photos of all of my swaps. They are not the best of quality sorry because the wind was blowing fiercely on the day I wanted to take them.. and the light inside was not the best!!! but at least you can get a bit of an idea on what I received. I hope you enjoy looking & being inspired as much as I did!!...

Imagine coming with me next year to convention... 2011 in Melbourne.... for............

THREE DAYS!!!! Wahoo!!!!!

These are the swaps I made.. I had to do a few different ones....
This Boho flower one was inspired from 2008 SU Catalogue... Simple but elegant!!!
Boho Flower Card SwapThis one was inspired by PaperANGELS team member Dianna and her swaps from Regional training this year... Thanks Love.. for the inspiration..
Bookmark - StayzOn Stamping on Overhead Transparency
I'm loving this one... It's Tess with Pony wings!!! Done on OHT so that you can reverse the wings.. You could also use Velum if you wanted... for a more muted look... Tess and Pony Wings SwapsInspiration was because we are the PaperANGELS... Just got to get in theme and put wings on anything or everything I can!!! or a Halo.. as most of you will see from photos (in further blogs etc) or remember from convention.. I'm the crazy chick that walks around with a bright pink halo on.. Sadly my team were not in "total" theme this year.. it could have something to do with the fact that I dis not supply them with their halo this year... Come on girls where is your TEAM SPIRIT!!!! I will make you do it next year!!! You know I will!!!

Tess proved to be a HIT and was first to go!!! It makes all the devoted time to creating these so worth while.. not to mention the wonderful swaps (as I have said above) I received makes it soooooooooo worth while to go all out and make 100 or so swaps... Can't believe it was one whole week ago now!!! My how time flys!!!

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