Monday, 3 May 2010

Beta Sigma Phi - Facinator Workshop

Last weekend I was blessed to be involved with a wonderful group of ladies who belong to the Beta Sigma Phi an International Womens' friendship network... They do some wonderful things in our community and towards the end of 2010 they are holding a FASCINATING cocktail fundraising event.. They all wanted to make their own.... so they asked me if I could run a class for them.... Man I had my works cut out for me!!! 9 ladies with totally different ideas.. and most of them not so sure how to put keep it together.... It was a SOLID 4 hour workshop.... With me not stopping... My only worry for the day was that I did would not ignore anyone for too long.. As I knew I could not be with everyone all at once... but in true Ursula creative schizophrenic mannerisms... I was able to jump from task to task, instructing each lady how to assemble her individual fascinator....Last week I heard back form Margaret (the wonderful event coordinator) that all the ladies really enjoyed themselves.. and each of them love their creations.... Phew!!! (*sigh... and wipe brow) I've been blessed to make some really lovely friends with these ladies.. and am very grateful to know them...

They were helping me raise funds to go to Singapore with the Queensland Festival Chorus as well.... Through this workshop... Thank you to the lovely lady that really wanted to come but was unable to ... yet still donated to my fund!!!! Bless you all!!! Muwah....

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  1. How fabulous - it looks as if you had a great time and the creations look spectacular. Well done! Lovely photo collage too!


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