Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Hodgepodge Hardware - Jewellery

Hodgepodge Hardware - Jewellery NeclaceI have blogged this before but my photos were some what lacking.. I have a new camera now and it takes much better shots.. it's amazing what another 7 pixels will do to the quality of your photos!!!! Hodgepodge Hardware - Necklace Jewellery with a pictureI love begin challenged... And I love this necklace... I can have my kids (photos) close to my heart every time I wear it!!! Hodgepodge Hardware - Necklace Jewellery with 2 pictures
I have 2 Hodgepodge (pg 149, 2009-10 Aus/NZ Ideas Catalogue) Designer Labels back to back and using the Designer label punch (pg 152, 2009-10 Aus/NZ Ideas Catalogue) I have punched out the photos and some clear Over Head Transparencies (OHT's). I have put the photos in and stuck the Hodgepodge together...

If you would like me to make you one let me know.. this design takes about 4 hours at least... I would have to sell for at least $130... because of the time factor and all the beads are good quality hand made glass beads... and each one is individually hand wraped with wire...

I am really rough on necklaces so I needed to make it industrial strength... I always lean over chairs or door handles and get my necklaces caught.. of course the non industrial strength ones break.....but this one will stand that kind of cruel and unusual punishment!!!! ;)

If you would like to check out the first blog info click HERE for a short cut...

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