Saturday, 15 November 2008

The Challenge..... To make jewellery out of Stampin' Up! Products... I'll take it!!!!!!!

Yes it was given to me a month or so ago... And I am sad to report that I have not been prompt in rising to the challenge... However... I went to Liz's during this week and she had been over to her friend who makes beads.. (very talented lady!!! ^-^ I so want to make stuff with her!!!) Anyway Liz told her of her Challenge and Olgar made a WONDERFUL necklace and lovely key ring... I told Liz that I was inspired and felt that I should whip my BUTT into shape by meeting the challenge... so I would go home and make a necklace of my own!!!

And that I did.. Like a woman possessed!!!! I stayed up till 1am in the morning.... I got blisters from beading.. I wrapped all the beads!!! and made them all individual... then I used the Designer Label punch on some small Black and White photos I had of my 2 boys and punched out some OHT to cover and protect the photos.. then I glued the Hodge Podge together (using 5 min Araldite.... If you try this DO NOT use superglue... it's vapers will cloud the metal and the plastic!!!) and joined it with a jump ring to the chain on the necklace.... Can you believe it looks sooooooooo good!!! I love it!!! And I have been wanting to make a black and white necklace for sooo long!!! I wore it to the Craft Showcase on the weekend and I got so many compliments.. Quite a few ladies who knew about Stampin' UP! commented on it too.. and thought it was such a lovely idea... Yeah again for Liz... Challenges.. and Inspiration... AND GREAT FRIENDS!!!

(This photo is not the best... I will take another when the sun is shining again.. come back in a couple of days to check on it)

Now you really know you are obsessed with stamping when you start wearing your paper crafts!!! hehehe...

One side has Ethan-----------------------and the other has Izra

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