Sunday, 9 November 2008

Small Note Pads

Again inspired by watching a tutorial on You Tube.... But I changed it up to suit what I had at home..

Years ago my Husband worked for a printer... so he would bring me home all sorts of goodies that they would through out... I have a pile of thick cardboard.. that was used to package the BULK orders of paper at the printers... (Did you know paper arrives at the printers in 1000mm x 765mm or some crazy measurement like that...!!!) So anyway I had this card board form that... I had them cut into coaster size... for something... didn't know what exactly at the time.. but I have been saving it for years... and guess what..???? It finally came in handy... who says hording is BAD???? It saved money!!! And I was able to use a whole bunch of left over papers to cover the board... I picked up 25 clips form the bargain shop for $2... And I used off cuts of ribbon.. again saved for something... Frugality comes in handy... I used my Tag punch... and wallah!!! Another lovely inexpensive pressie for people...

I mass produce some.... for a Craft Show case I am doing on the 14th and 15th of November... If there are any left you can buy them form me!!! ;)

If you would like them to be note pads that you can stick on the fridge you can stick a magnet on the back, and tie a pencil covered in the same paper... now wouldn't that be nice?!!

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