Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Craftroom organisation - Woodworking by Hubbie

 Check out my punch rack.. WAHOOOIEEEE!!. My hubbie made this for me a month ago... and I am LOVING it but as you can see I already need another level... or perhaps another whole shelving system.. seeings as I NEVER get rid of my punches.. :P #Ilovestampinuppunches

And this is a FANTASTIC bench he made for one of my fantastic fellow SU demos and dear friend.. Jen.. She wanted a stand up work station where she could display stuff and also do BIG SHOT stuff..  then she wanted to have some cupboards of coasters to slide under the table so all her stamps, punches and other accessories could be stored in them,... HOW AWESOME is this??? I think I may have to put an order in!!!
I loved it so much while it was in my studio awaiting to be delivered I just had to use it!!! :P

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