Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Star Box

The Beautiful Rosa taught us how to make this FABULOUS box at one of our training meetings in 2016.. It is so cute... And AWESOME to learn how to do..  using your star framlets (133723)....... you two can make one of these..

Simply cut out two big stars as your base and top of the box.. then cut out strips of matching DSP of the height you would like your box plus 1.5cm for adhering onto base or lid..
Score at 1.5cm long ways... Measure the length of one of the points and score that measurement 10 times on the DSP length .... (you may need to join 2 pieces of DSP to get length needed to go all the way around the box) Then score 1cm at the end to glue inside box ... cut out a triangle in each score line on the 1.5cm strip... the overlapped angle cut edges are glued to base to form the lid and the box base... You do have to be sure that one is slightly bigger than the other......

Have fun making this BEAUTIFUL box... XXOO

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