Wednesday, 24 May 2017


I had a beautiful friend of mine bring her TREASURED memories of her two ANGEL BABIES .. their tiny tiny foot prints and hand prints.. they were on two little bits of pink and blue paper... not really very substantial... but treasured none the less.... She had them up on her fridge over the years and had received some judgmental comments about them... asking why she would want to display them... She mentioned to me one day at church that she took them down because she didn't want to offend anyone.... It hurt my heart to think that someones words would cause her such pain and cause her to feel she needed to "Hide" them. It was then that I knew we needed to make them look as BEAUTIFUL and treasured as they really are... SO I did this with them for her...
With the basic set out of Angel Baby Footprint Cards and Name Cards I was able to make these wonderful memories into a piece of art that no one will ever have anything but WONDERFUL things to say!!!
It is such an honor to be able to share what we can with others to bless their lives...

And Stampin' Up allows us to do it with ease and pizzazz!!!

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